Specials for spring and summer

Butterfly prawn with aioli, salad, crostini

Crispy turkey Schnitzel on curry-sauce, pan-fried vegetables, potato croquettes

Grilled fjordsalmon with lemon-butter-sauce, pan-fried vegetables, kurkuma rice

Beverage recommendation
Pinot blanc-Chardonnay
Friedrich Kiefer
0, 2 l

Chefis recommendation
Big fresh mixed salad with medaillons of turkey, bacon, caesar-dressing and bread

Double matjes fillet with buttered potatoes and salad garnish

River pike-perch fillet on vegetable spaghetti and lobster-horseradish-sauce, buttered potatoes

M edaillons of pork lion with gorgonzola-sauce, almond-broccoli and boiled potatoes

Fillet of rabbit on dijon-mustard-sauce and bouquet of string beans, potato thaler

Asparagus soup with green asparagus

Carrot-rhubarb-soup with garden cress

Fresh mixed salad with tarragon dressing and bread

Goat´s cheese gratinated with honey, fresh salad and sea-buckthron dressing


Ox carpaccio with olive marinade and rocket salad

Friedrich´s standards
Friedrich´s Schnitzel with fresh mixed side salad and fries

Big fresh mixed salad with daily fish, white balsamico-dressing

Friedrich´s burger with marinated chicken breast, caesar-dressing, bacon and BBQ-sauce, sweet potato fries

Mixed grill "Niklot" with medaillons of beef, turkey, pork and rabbit, bouquets of carrots and string beans, herb butter, fries

Friedrich´s rumpsteak (angus ox) 200g with pepper-sauce, bouquets of carrots and string beans, fried potatoes

Linguine with basil pesto, parmesan, tomato cubes

Sweet potato pan with mixed vegetables and coconut milk


International cheese selection with grapes, butter, bread
Small and big

Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream, vanilla sauce, whipped cream

Pancake filled with vanilla ice cream and apple puree, whipped cream, egg liqueur

Pancake filled with vanilla ice cream and warm cinnamon cherries, whipped cream

Vanilla ice cream with apple puree, egg liqueur, whipped cream

Pistachio ice cream with brittle, whipped cream, caramel sauce

One scoop each of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, topped with smarties



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